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ErrLib::WinapiException Class Reference

#include <ErrLib_CPP.h>

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Static Public Member Functions

static WinapiException FromLastError (bool localized)

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- Public Member Functions inherited from ErrLib::Exception
 Exception ()
 Exception (const std::wstring &message)
 Exception (const std::wstring &message, DWORD code, void *data)
std::wstring GetMsg ()
DWORD GetCode ()
void * GetData ()
void GetMessageText (WCHAR *pOutput, int cch)
void GetContext (CONTEXT *pOutput)
void PrintStackTrace (WCHAR *pOutput, int cch)
std::wstring PrintStackTrace ()
void Log (bool visible)

Detailed Description

Represents an error in Windows native API function

Member Function Documentation

◆ FromLastError()

static WinapiException ErrLib::WinapiException::FromLastError ( bool  localized)

Creates a new WinapiException using the error code and message from the last WINAPI error

localizedThe value indicating whether the exception message should use the current OS locale
If the localized parameter is true, the message is in language of the current OS locale. Otherwise, it is always in English.

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